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Support a Global Audience without Maintaining Multiple Sites

GeoFluent® Community lets customers view content from community forums, wikis and blogs in their preferred language, in real-time. GeoFluent enables you to support all your users - without the cost and complexity of creating and maintaining localized sites in multiple languages.


Core GeoFluent Community Features

  • Preserve Company Branding

    Preserve Company Branding

    GeoFluent preserves your terms, names, glossary and nomenclature to guarantee high quality output. Rest assured that your brand and terminology will be consistently retained no matter what language your content is translated to.

  • Drive non-English Call Deflection

    Drive non-English Call Deflection

    Increase your community participation and utilization by allowing every visitor to both read and post in their native language. Every visitor can have the same user experience, regardless of language.

  • Improve Organic SEO

    Improve Organic SEO

    Making your content available in multiple languages will give you a significant lift in organic search results. GeoFluent allows your community content to be indexed in multiple languages, which will improve your rank in non-English organic search results and boost your traffic.

  • Create Global Super Users

    Create Global Super Users

    Extend the experience and knowledge of your Subject Matter Experts across your entire audience by allowing super users to interact with your global audience, building loyalty and higher lifetime value.

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